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Uncle Scott

Back in 2002 I took my first trip to Europe. It was a crazy bus tour full of 20 and 30 year olds. Over three weeks, we saw darn near every major city and historical sight on the entire continent... for about fifteen minutes each.


One of the dozens and dozens of these places was Florence, Italy. And out of that whole trip it was the place that stuck with me.


I started going back, staying for longer and longer periods each time. I learned to speak the language (a little). I took cooking lessons, I learned a lot about its history and art and culture. I made good friends.


And while I have always been a big eater and drinker, Florence taught me that I love to eat and drink GOOD food and wine, and upon returning to America I resolved to learn how to cook it for myself, because let's face it, a bloomin' onion just wasn't doing the trick any more..


This blog is all about this learning process, from equipping my own fancy kitchen to learning the aisles at the grocery store to cooking and eating and drinking the good stuff. And besides, I had to learn - my wife is a physician, and while she is out doing mundane things like saving lives, I've realized that no one is cooking me dinner. I have had to learn to do it for myself.

The reason this site exists is that I think there are a few other people out there like me (lord help you) who enjoy learning a little and having a little fun as we find out about some new foods and wines and fun things to try. People who watch cooking shows and say to themselves, I can do that.

As for the name, I've been Uncle Scott to many people for decades now. There are about 7 billion people who refer to me as Uncle Scott, and in fact, about the only one on the planet who doesn't is my little son.

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Content and Posts

This site is all about food, wine and fun. Let's keep all subject matter, discussion and posts within normal bounds of what a reasonable person would expect on a food blog. No politics, adult content, anything illegal and/or anything reasonably objectionable are allowed, and the poster is responsible for any posts he/she makes.


I'm not in the business of trashing products, so pretty much any kitchen product or food or wine I talk about is something I like and use myself. Every featured product was purchased by me or my wife with our own cash; we do not have any paid product placements or items provided for free in return for promotion. We do provide shopping links to some products and online stores, where we will earn a small fee if you purchase products through one of our links.


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