Welcome to Uncle Scott's Kitchen! We've got videos here and on Youtube, plus articles, recipes, product reviews and all kinds of good stuff about food and wine, and maybe a little about Italy. Lately we've been enamored with carbon steel skillets. Enjoy!

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Carbon steel pans are workhorses of professional kitchens, now making their way to home cooks.

Kitchen Workhorses

Carbon Steel Pans

These heavy-duty pans are great for searing steaks, making cornbread, and the dutch oven versions are great for soups and stews. 

Searing and Browning

Cast Iron Pans and Ovens


It's a trick question... you can never have too much kitchen stuff.

How Much Do You Need?

Kitchen Stuff


Season your pans correctly and develop a natural non-stick finish.

Non-stick Finish

Seasoning Carbon & Iron

Something get stuck? Seasoning getting spotty? Get your pans clean and restored.

Get Rid of Messes

Cleaning & Maintenance

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