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From Uncle Scott: I'm going to link up anything that looks like a screaming deal on great kitchen equipment here. If you see anything that looks great, let me know! Some of these are affiliate links and some are just good deals I've seen.

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De Buyer Mineral B Professional Carbon Steel Pan

Sturdy, heavy, high-end, beautiful pan, great for gas and electric cooktops.


Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Pan

Great cooking performance, medium weight, best on gas stovetops.

mauviel copper.png

Mauviel Copper Cookware

Beautiful, heirloom-quality French cookware, awesome cooking performance.


T-Fal EZ Clean Deep Fryer

Integrated oil filtration and storage, great frying performance.


Philips Premium Digital Airfryer

Fast cooking with less oil and fat; great for fries, tots and more!


Carbon Steel Pans

Carbon steel pans are workhorses of professional kitchens, now making their way to home cooks.

Kitchen Workhorses


Kitchen Stuff

Season your pans correctly and deveolop a natural non-stick finish.

Non-stick Finish

Cast Iron Pans and Ovens

These heavy-duty pans are great for searing steaks, making cornbread, and the dutch oven versions are great for soups and stews. 

Searing and Browning


Cleaning & Maintenance

Did something stick? Clean it up and get cooking again.

Get Rid of Messes


Kitchen Stuff

It's a trick question... you can never have too much kitchen stuff.

How Much Do You Need?