Gift Ideas for Cooking Fanatics

Any home chef or someone who wants to become one should really enjoy these. These are things we've purchased for ourselves, really love and use regularly here in Uncle Scott's Kitchen. Pics, reviews, info and Amazon shopping links follow.

Great Pots, Pans and Skillets

Think of all the great things you can cook (or someone can cook for you) in one of these great pans.

Carbon Steel

De Buyer Mineral B Professional: Built like a friggin' tank. Heavy, solid, almost as heavy as cast iron. Stainless steel handle allows it to be used on stovetop or oven. Great build quality. Works fantastically on gas stovetops. Best carbon steel pan for those with electric or induction as well. Check Amazon Price

Matfer Bourgeat: A great all-around pan. Medium weight and thickness. Great on the stove top while the uncoated handle works allows it to work well in the oven. Great build quality. Not recommended for electric or induction. Check Amazon Price

Mauviel M'Steel: Lighter and more maneuverable than the others. Great for people who want the cooking ability of cast iron without the weight, or who like to flip foods like omelettes. Great build quality. Great for gas stove tops. Not recommended for electric or induction. Check Amazon Price

Stainless Steel Pans

All-Clad Copper Core Frying Pan: Multi-ply constrction, with layers of copper between stainless steel. Copper core spreads the heat more evenly and faster, while the stainless steel cooking surface is strong and durable. Check Amazon Price

All-Clad Tr-Ply Sauce Pan: This is the one that wins rave reviews everywhere. Great build quality. Strong but not too heavy for its size. Comes with a lid. I like the one with the helper handle because when it is filled with water or food, it can get heavy. Good-looking pan. Check Amazon Price

Fancy Copper

Mauviel M'Heritage Copper Pans: Expensive, fancy gifts. They come in 1.5 and 2.5 mm thicknesses. If you are going to spend the money, go ahead and get the 2.5 mm thick. It's worth it. Handles come in stainless, bronze or iron-electroplated stainless (which is what I purchased). I have the suace pan with lid and a frying pan. Great build quality, with a thin stainless steel-lined interior. Great conductivity of the copper paired with a durable cooking surface. Solid, heavy, beautiful. The exterior will develop a patina/tarnish the more they are used. Some people like to polish them and keep them shiny, some like the look of the patina. Part of the reason to get a copper pan is for its looks, and these look amazing. Check Amazon Price

Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet: Every home kitchen needs a cast iron skillet. Great for searing meat, frying, and especially making cornbread in the oven. Inexpensive and one of the greatest bargains in cooking. Check Amazon Price

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven: For someone who loves camping. These are great for stews, cobblers and baking over a campfire or coals. Check Amazon Price

Le Creuset Dutch Oven: Who wouldn't want to open one of these on Christmas morning? These are the standards which others are measured by. Can be used for all kinds of tasks, from browning meat to stews to soups to baking to roasting in the oven. Foundational element for a fancy kitchen, and they look great just sitting on the stove when not in use. Check Amazon Price

Great Kitchen Accessories

Butter Bell Crock: These look great on the counter. You put butter in the top, a little water in the bottom, and the Butter Bell Crock keeps your butter fresh and at room temperature for easy spreadability. Makes buttering your morning toast a breeze. Used daily around here. Check Amazon Price

Ultra Wide Starpack Spatula: If you make Western or filled omelettes, pancakes or even fry fish, a wide spatula really helps with the flipping and turning, much more than a regular spatula. Soft silicone is usable on a wide variety of cooking surfaces. Check Amazon Price

Great Appliances

T-Fal EZ Clean Deep Fryer: Makes deep frying at home very easy. Precise temperature control with the adjustable thermostat. I really like that the unit allows you to filter and store the oil in the unit to be re-used. Makes incredible fries. Check Amazon Price

Komo Fidibus Classic Grain Mill: Expensive and only for those that are really into baking. Excellent build quality. Allows you to grind grain into very high quality flour at home. My wife uses this regularly to bake our fresh bread for the week. Check Amazon Price

Kitchen-Aid Mixer: We went with the 6 quart professional model. A workhorse in our kitchen. Mixing, kneading, grinding... it works really well. We have several of the attachments, and use the pasta roller the most. A great gift for any cook who doesn't have one. Check Amazon Price


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