Eat Local on Planet Earth

Now, I like a mouthful of nuts as much as the next guy.

I was in Costco the other day and saw they had a big bag of Kirkland Macadamias for sale, which caught my eye.

I really like macadamias, not only because they are delicious, but also because they remind me of Hawaii.

The Big Island of Hawaii is where my wife and I got married. And after our marriage ceremony, we stuck around for our honeymoon. After a week on the Big Island, we went over to Maui, where we did what most people do on the their honeymoons... we went to Costco.

And at the Maui Costco, I bought a Hawaiian shirt, a pair of swim trunks and a load of macadamias. Back then the macadamias that Costco carried, both in Maui and back home, were Mauna Loa brand, which are grown in Hawaii, which correspondingly means grown in the good old USA. I loved them, and still do. I loaded up on them. Even got the sampler variety pack to bring back as souvenir gifts for people back home.

But, sadly, the Muana Loa brand has fallen victim to what I like to call the ol' Costco Switcheroo.

What is the ol' Costco Switcheroo? It's when you find a product you love at Costco, you incorporate it into your normal life routine, you buy it long term, and then one day you go to Costco and it's gone. In its place is a somewhat-similar, seemingly-exactly the same, Kirkland product.

So the American Muana Loa macadamias have been replaced with Kirkland macadamias, from, well... Australia, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Guatemala and MAYBE the good old USA. At least they were packed here.

So if you like macadamias, shop at Costco and want to eat local, then just broaden your horizons a little bit... Kirkland macadamias are pretty much local to Planet Earth.