Cascade Confusion

Why can't things be simple?

I like clean dishes and I buy Cascade. For me, it's been that way for decades.

Sounds simple enough.

I went to the store recently to buy some dishwashing detergent and discovered that it's just not that easy anymore.

Decisions have to be made, factors weighed.

If I want totally clean dishes, I guess I want Cascade Total Clean?

But let's say I want my dishes completely clean. Go with the Complete?

What's the difference between a plate or fork or knife that is completely clean and one that is totally clean?

"Total" and "Complete" are kind-of sort-of similar, aren't they?

What about the Platinum? Platinum seems higher up the food chain.... it's a premium word. Is Platinum the best?

And why do they all include Dawn? Maybe I should just get some Dawn liquid? Is Dawn what really powers the cleaning of the dishes and not the Cascade?

And what's with the power rankings? 12X and 16X Power versus what? Do I really need 16X more power to clean my dishes than the dishwashing liquid of a few years ago? I don't make THAT big of a mess. My messes aren't 16X bigger, though my wife might disagree.

And what's the difference between a "baked-on" mess and a "burnt-on" mess? What if I burn the mess while baking it?

Is "New & Improved" better than "New & Tougher"?

The Cascade team is creating a little unnecessary brand confusion here. They are using words that all seem similar, seem like they have meaning, seem high-end and all-encompassing, yet somehow in the hodge-podge seem confusing and lose their relevance.

I know I like the Cascade brand, and I know it's the leading brand of dishwasher detergent, but looking at the products, I just don't know which one to buy.

Perhaps Cascade is producing too many SKU's and is doing 3X the marketing work for the same 1X amount of sales they would otherwise get anyway. I'd wager that most of the sales revenue growth generated by these three substitute products comes directly from the other two, and not from taking market share away from some other brand on the supermarket store shelf.

Cascade is the leading brand... people were probably going to buy it anyway. The multiple variants of Cascade just cause hesitation and confusion. Recently, I found myself at a store hesitating and then NOT buying some Cascade because I wanted to go home and look the variants up on the Internet and make sure I was buying the right one. I'm not quite sure that's what their marketing department intended.